Injector Rebuild Tools

Tools For Nozzles

TOOL-AFM - Extrude Hone / Abrasive Flow Machining

* For polishing / cornering nozzle microholes

TOOL-POPTESTER - Nozzle Injector Poptest Fixture

* For checking nozzle Injection Pressures

TOOL-FLOW - Nozzle Injector Flow Comparator

* For checking nozzle microholes flow

Lapping & Polishing Tools

TOOL-LAP - Lapping Plate with Lapping Compound

TOOL-DIAM - Diamond Lapping Compound 

* Ask for grit size or compound color

TOOL-LAPINT - Internal Lapping Tools

* Ask for size

Tools for Solenoids / Coils

TOOL-PSB - Power Supply Box

* For checking solenoid assemblies, 500 Watt Power Power Supply

TOOL-INS - Coil Insulation Tester

TOOL-HEN - Coil Magnetic Field Tester

TOOL-MUL - Multimeter

*For checking Coil Resistance

General Tools

TOOL-MIT - Depth  Meter

*For Checking Solenoid Assembly Tolerances

TOOL-GAU - Hand Vacuum Pump

* For Checking Solenoid Assembly Hermeticism (used with the TOOL-PSB)

TOOL-ULT - Ultrasonic Tank

* For Cleaning Parts