Computer controlled pulse generation box capable to run any HEUI / EUI / EUP / CR Injector application and solenoid based diesel injection pumps*. This equipment is used to retrofit old and new testing equipment such as universal CAM-BOX (any brand), Common Rail test benches, HEUI test equipment, etc, or just to run the injector / pump solenoid to check its performance.




- CNC (Computer Controlled) Functionally (use a laptop to work)

- From 61 to 1500 Impulses per minute for HEUI

- From 1 to 15 Miliseconds Pulse Width modulation for HEUI / CR

- From 61 to 1000 Impulses per minute for EUI / EUP / sensor capable applications

- From 1 to 99 Miliseconds Pulse Width modulation for EUI / EUP / sensor capable applications 


- Capable to run any DUAL solenoid injector application from HEUI / EUI or Common Rail 


HEUI - Hydraulic Electronic Unit Injector

EUI - Electronic Unit Injector

EUP - Electronic Unit Pump

CR - Common Rail Injector

Actuators for many diesel systems like Cummins ISX HPI

* Solenoid controlled Diesel injection Pumps such as Stanadyne DS or DE can be controlled with this Pulse Box