The TD-HEUI Injector tester can run the next HEUI injector applications:


- Powerstroke 7.3L / Ford 7.3L

- CAT 3126 HEUI

- CAT 3116 HEUI (90 º Side solenoide)

- 6.0 L Ford Powerstroke (dual solenoid)

- G.2 Powerstroke Navistar MaxxForce (dual solenoid)

- CAT C7 / C9 Acert HEUI

- Izuzu Trooper HEUI

- CAT 3400 Heavy Duty HEUI

- Mostly any HEUI injector with 1 or 2 solenoids that may exist in the future (Injectors that use hydraulic oil to actuate)


The tester conforms as:


- 5 Hp’s Motor for the Hydraulic system 

- 1 Hp Motor for the “low” aka “fuel” injector pressure

- Heavy Duty variable frequency drive with digital control to set Injector Hydraulic pressure

- 3,000 PSI manometer gauge for Hydraulic pressure

- 300 PSI manometer gauge for “low” pressure (we use same hydraulic oil for Hydraulic pressure and “low” aka “fuel” injector pressure) 

- 100 Liter tank to use with Hydro 32 oil with a cooper pipe circuit to cool the oil with an external chiller

- 250 CC’s graduate for injector metering

- Digital Timer set in seconds for injector metering

- Works with 220V AC, 3 phase, 4 wires with neutral connection

- Includes PC to set up injector pulses

- Hoses, clamps, wiring harness, etc


The pulse box is capable of:


- Running 1 HEUI injector at a time

- Running 1 or 2 solenoid HEUI injectors

- Frequency set from 61 to 1500 Impulses per minute

- 24 Volts pulses

- Pulse width modulation from 1 to 15 milliseconds in 1 millisecond basis at any Frequency